About MMI

Myanmar Management Institute (MMI) is a leading business school in Yangon, Myanmar. It is the market leader for IQN (UK) and OTHM (UK) management qualifications, and it possesses the highest number of graduates in Myanmar.

MMI also offers MBA from University of Chichester (UK) in partnership with OTHM Qualifications (UK).

We offer the best value and quality education to our students.

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Our Vision

To be the largest management education provider in Myanmar’s private professional education sector, in terms of student base, by 2020 through competitive offers and creating highest customer value.

Our Mission

  • To deliver management Knowledge and Competence to individuals, SMEs/ organizations, and the community
  • To achieve business process excellence through Collaboration, Credibility and Customer-orientation
  • To offer Community, Capability and Certification to our customers

Our Motto

Quality Education for Quality Life

Our Partners

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MMI Partners

Message from Principal

➢ MMI will commit its all-out effort to long term beneficial relationship with all stakeholders.
➢ MMI’s corporate brand was, is and will be developed systematically and ethically.
➢ MMI strives for sustainable, all-round, accelerated development.
➢ MMI is committed to generation of learning society.